Wonderful Health Benefits Of Green Tea

Difference is there between normal tea and green tea. Normal tea is adding calories to our body, but green tea is increase your metabolism. Know a day’s youth is strive to get good physic, for this green tea help them a lot. It’s having more and more health benefits. Some major health benefits are presenting here.


wonderful health benefits of green tea

Wonderful Health Benefits of green tea are as follows :


Green tea is increasing metabolism, When your metabolism is going to increase your body weight should be in control. For effective results having green tea just half an hour before exercise. Followed by good diet plan. It’s really give good and a some result.


Who are taking green tea regularly they are having very less chance of occurring cancer. All health people are agreed this, green tea is having several count of polyphenols these are potent anti oxidants. Which helps in prevent the growing of cancer cells, and it’s also reduce the chance of occurring tumors newly on your body.


When consumed green tea consume are applied directly its have several benefits. When it applies to your skin it reduces the chance of skin cancer. And it’s also reduce the tan, sooth your skin from cut’s & scrapes. Because of this reason so many moisturizing companies know a day’s using green tea extract in their products.


When consuming  two cups of green tea regularly it keeps you young, it purifies your blood, and clear your arteries from  blocks. and your skin is become smooth and shiny.


consuming green tea regularly it’s keep your blood pressure in control. Green tea reduce the contraction of blood vessels and prevent the blood pressure. And keep your heart healthy.

Some of the other Health benefits  to have green tea regularly :

  • It’s an excellent anti-oxidant.
  • It’s burn fat.
  • It prolongs your life.
  • It’s boost your immunity against illness.
  • It’s protect your longs from smoking.
  • It’s protect your liver from alcohol.
  • It’s reduces your stress.
  • It’s prevent tooth decay and cure bad breath.
  • It’s improve & preserve bone life.
  •  It’s hydrate you better than water.

So here the some important reasons for having green tea daily. So kick out  normal tea and bring green tea in to your life and enjoy young and problem free life with all benefits of green tea.



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