Types,Common symptoms And Preventive Measures Of Diabetes

To moving a vehicle flue is needed, like the same manner to do our activities energy is needed to our body. Glucose is the main sources of energy. It should stored in the form of glycogen in our body. In diabetes the flue can not be stored in the body means glucose can not be stored in the body. Diabetes is the one of the most fast growing condition. It is a metabolic disorder and life style disorder in this the human body can not store and utilize the glucose, to do their daily activities. In human body every organ is needed glucose to carry out  it’s activities though out the day.

Diabetes is the condition, lot of people are suffering from this condition. But unfortunately  so many members do not know much information about it. Here we presenting some information regarding types and symptoms and preventive measures of diabetes.

Diabetes Types :

Types of diabetes

Diabetes is mainly two types. One is Type one Diabetes, and another one is type two Diabetes.

1.Type-I Diabetes :

This is also know as insulin dependent diabetes (or) Juvenile diabetes. In this body’s immune system destroys all kinds of insulin releasing cells completely, over a period of time, this results in elimination of insulin production from the body. Because of this Glucose absorption  can not happen  for the production of energy. Because of this episodes of low glucose levels happen over periods of time. This is not so dangerous, the symptoms can start from child (or) adulthood.

Onset : Sudden

Age  : Any age

Body habitues : Thin or Normal

Ketoacidosis : Common

Auto antibodies ; Usually present

Endogenous insulin : Low or Absent

Concordance  in identical twins : Common

Prevalence : prevalent

2. Type-II Diabetes :

This is also know as Non insulin dependent diabetes. This can be develop at any point of time in life stages. Mainly after 30 years this  should happen. In this insulin should produce in the body but not in right time, and body is fail to utilize the insulin properly. In type-II diabetes low sugar levels occur rarely. The occurrence of this can be delayed and managed very effectively by following some simple lifestyle changes and do exercise daily.

Onset : Gradual

Age : Mostly in adults

Body habitues : Obsess

Ketoacidosis : Rare

Auto antibodies : Absent

Endogenous insulin : Normal, Decreased or increased.

Concordance in identical twins : 90 %

Prevalence : Less prevalent.

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Common Symptoms Of Diabetes :

  • Increased Thirst
  • Increased Urination
  • Increased Hunger
  • Weight Loss
  • Fatigue
  • Blurred vision
  • Extreme Craving For fatty and sugar substance.

These are the some common signs and symptoms of diabetes.

 Preventive Measures Of Diabetes :

Prevention is better than cure this is the one of the best sentence in medic en. Here some of the preventive  measures of diabetes. If you follow this you can able to prevent the occurrence of diabetes.

Diet : 

Diet is one of the important and main thing in our life. If you take healthy diet means it”s like an oxygen to your body, if you taking unhealthy diet means it’s like an poison to your body. So having  high fiber in diet and green leafy vegetables, cinnamon, green tea, fruits, should control your blood sugar level & maintain your weight and keep diabetes away from your life. So having these in your diet is important.

Exercise :

Doing Exercise daily is very important in life. Exercise like brisk walking, and jogging for 30-45 minutes daily is must. It’s improve your metabolism & keep your weight in control and maintain blood sugar level. Keep your body physically active all the day it will also improve insulin sensitivity in your body.

Maintain weight : 

If you are more than 5 kg from your normal weight, than immediately go for dieting to reduce your weight. Because over weight can increase the sugar level & cholesterol in your body. So maintain healthy weight.

Regular  sugar checkups :

Regular sugar checkups is very important. Check sugar every 3-6 months to  know the sugar levels and modify the medications. Don’t use self medications, it’s very dangerous. Regularly go for screening tests to know your body condition. And identify diabetic complications like eye, kidney, liver, heart diseases.

Reduce Stress :

Because of stress, stress hormones are going to release to blood. So hormonal imbalance may arise. Tension and Worries are going to increase blood sugar levels are going to increase  because of chemical imbalance. So try to stress reduction techniques like yoga, meditation, music, good sleep etc… to reduce stress.

Reduce intake of alcohol : 

Alcohol increase your body weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels. And alcohol will also hide your hypoglycemic condition so stop intake of alcohol. Recommended dose for alcohol for men 2 shots that is 60 ml. For women 1 shot that is 30 ml. That also not advisable when you smoke.

Teach your children :

Teach your children regarding healthy lifestyle. Because diabetes will occur not only adults but also occur any stages of life.  Know a day’s children s also suffering with diabetes. So teach your children regarding health and important of diet, exercise, etc..  Because prevention is better than cure.

Say no to junk food :

Say no to junk food. If you want to eat  junk food advise once or twice in a month. Know a day’s all restaurant will provide food in a healthy manner than also we need to take care of our health. if you want to eat any junk food prepare it in your home only by adding healthy ingredient’s in your recipe.

Drink more Water :

Water is the best medicine for so many diseases. So drink more water to keep away diabetes. Hydrate your self regularly. That can help you a lot.

Sound sleep :

Good sleep is necessary to maintain normal health. Sound sleep will increase the health, poor health will increase disease. So sleep well and be well. Good sleep will help you to maintain chemical balance and prevent diabetes.

These are the some preventive measures of diabetes. If you follow these tips you can able to be healthy and a  bay from diabetes. If you like this article means share this article to your friends and make them also healthy. Thank you for reading  this article.


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