When person is free of disease, than only the person can do well in their activities. Some times simple and minor causes will effect the person very badly. In that muscle cramps is one of the condition. It will affect the humans very badly. All of us feel muscle cramps any one time in our life. When muscle cramps occur it’s slowly slow down our activity. When muscle cramps occur at that time we fell helpless and it’s painful. The main cause of muscle cramps are premature fatigue which affect the reflex control of muscle. If you follow some simple tips you can relieve  from muscle cramps. Here we presenting some tips which guaranteed  to beat the muscle cramps.

 Tips To Stop Muscle Cramps And Promote Muscle Relax :

Tips to stop muscle cramps and promote Muscle relax

Here we presenting some tips to stop muscle cramps and promote muscle relax.

Drink more water :

Dehydration is one of the main reason for so many diseases, muscle cramps also one of the problem of dehydration.   So hydrate your self, carry water bottle always with you. Drink at least 7-8 glasses of water daily.

Take  rest :

When muscle cramps occur at that time give rest to your body in one place. This is one of the best solution for kill the muscle cramps. Moving around is not stop muscle cramps and it’s affects various other parts of the body also.

Light passive stretches :

In addition to rest, simple passive stretches to the affected area will helps in resolve muscle cramps. If you did simple muscle stretches  it give instructions to your brain, and it will relax muscle.

Take salt rich solution :

At the time of  muscle cramps salt solutions is  better than plain water. When muscle cramps is there consume salt contain juices es. It will give re leaf from cramps.

Give advance training to your body :

The main reason for muscle cramps are muscle  straining. When you want to do long physical activity, you should have to give advance training to your body, with same intensity & duration of activity. This will help to your body  from straining & from muscle cramps.

Hot application :

Another alternative for muscle cramps is hot applications.  It give best result when hot application is given to affected area. Hot applications can give with water or salt.

Chamomile :

Chamomile  contains 36 flavonoids, which are compounds that having Anti-inflammatory properties. If you massage chamomile essential oil on to effected muscle to passive relief from spasms.

Cherry Juice :

When person fell muscle cramps, that time if you take cherry juice it will relief from muscle spasm. Because it have Anti-oxidant & Anti-inflammatory qualities. Because  of this properties it will minimize post-running pain and it will help to relax muscle naturally.

Blue berries :

This is also another extraordinary sweet fruit to relieve muscle cramps. Because it’s having Anti-inflammatory & Anti-oxidant properties.

Cayenne Pepper :

Cayenne pepper having Anti-spasmodic properties. If you apply these as cream in affected muscle spasm area it will relive spasms.

Vitamin-D : 

  Muscle spasms frequently occur in the people who have deficiencies in Vitamin-D. So take Vitamin-D rich foods like eggs, and expose to sun lite.

Magnesium :

Persons who having mineral deficiencies they will get muscle spasm. so take Ba dam, Almond, Le gums, Brown rice etc.. regularly to overcome from mineral deficiencies.

These are  the simple and effective way’s to prevent muscle cramps. If you follow these tips surely you can free from muscle cramps and it will promote muscle relax.

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