Tips For Hair Growth And Reduce Hair Fall

Know a day’s hair fall is becoming most serious problem to youth. Because of hair fall and bold head is reducing  confidence. If hair fall is 40-50 it’s normal, if it is more than 100 means you must have to take precautions to reduce hair fall, it needs treatment. If you ignore it you will fell surely. So proper precaution must you have to take for your hair. Here we presenting some tips for hair growth.


Tips for hair growth

The following are some of the tips to reduce hair fall and improve hair growth.


Hair is made up of proteins and iron. It need more minerals, which is present more in water, so drink at least 3-4 liters of water.  Which is helps in to reduce hair fall as well reduce split ends also. And hydrate your scalp, which reduces the dandruff.


  • It reduces the hair fall and  improve hair growth. Mix Rosemary and sage in coconut oil (or)  coconut milk and apply it in your head which area is affected.
  • Leave it for 20 minutes  and wash it off
  • Repeat this process four times a day for few weeks to get rid of bald patches.


  • Apply beaten egg to to your scalp, at least 3-4 times in a week wish helps in hair growth. If it mix with olive oil the result is good.


  • Take 8-10  pepper seeds, and lemon seeds, and crush it and make fine powder.
  • Apply it as it directly (or) add some water in it and make fine paste, apply it to tour scalp 2-3 times  a day


  • Take 2-3 branches of curry leaves and dry it, make it fine powder. And take a tea spoon of curry powder directly (or) mix it with one glass of milk & take it to stomach daily for  3-4 weeks. Than see the result your hair will turn as black and shiny, and thicker.
  • Make curry leaves into paste and apply to your scalp. Leave it for 25-30 minutes, wash it. Do it twice in a week.


Take coriander leaves and make it juice. Apply it to your scalp and cover your scalp with shower cap. Don’t dry it keep this pack 3 hours. Wash it repeat this twice in a week. It will reduces the hair fall and improves the hair regrowth.


Apply coconut milk to your scalp and keep it for 1 hour. It;s containing  vitamins and minerals & proteins. It will improve tour hair fall, And condition to your scalp and reduce split ends.


First take big bowl with hot water. And take a another small bowl and take two table spoons of Castro oil & two table spoons of coconut oil and take one capsule of vitamin-E and mix all these ingredients well and place small bowl into big bowl which is having hot water. And keep it for 20 minutes till the mixture get warm. And apply these oil mixture to your scalp and hair massage it for 30 minutes. It will nourish your  hair reduce hair fall & improve hair growth.


Hot oil massage will improve the blood circulation to your scalp and reduces hair fall. And it also relieve the tension.Take coconut oil and just warm it and apply to your scalp and give firm massage to your scalp.  It will improve blood circulation to your scalp. Repeat this tries in a week.


Take one onion and make it in to slices and make a fine paste by using grinder. And mix two table spoons of olive oil in to onion mixture & mix it well. Apply these mixture to your scalp like a mask. Leave it for 1 hour and wash it with water. If you want use shampoo means use mild shampoo.


Ginger is very effective to treat bald scalp. So make ginger into paste with out adding water and squeeze the ginger and take the juice into a bowl. Apply these juice to your scalp and massage well. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash it with plain water.


Balanced diet is very important  not only  for health, but also for hair also. It contains vitamins, minerals, proteins, which are needed for health and also for hair. So add more green leafy  vegetables in your diet.

If you gave proper care to your hair  it will shine and become bouncy. It will give  has om  look for you. So follow this tips and give has om look for your hair &  be a Confident person.

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