Top 5 Techniques to over come from anxiety

`Present world every one is following busy lifestyle. They are not enough time to do good things to their health. So there is chance of occurring many health problems. In that one of the condition is anxiety, this is a simple & serious condition. Thinking about things  in some times is good.& It gives direction to us what we have to do in your future. But thinking about bad things & negative things always is the dangerous  to you. Present generation is suffering from this condition. Because of stress, and working conditions. They are thinking about their future & their problems, how to solve these problems. Because of this they are getting anxiety. Because of this their performance is going to reduce, and unable to give their best in their work. Some of them are over come for these problems by using effective defensive mechanism. And some of them are become worsen.

Here we presenting some simple techniques to over come from these condition

Techniques to over come from anxiety  :

Techniques to over come from Anxiety


Breathing technique :

It is a  simple & effective technique to reduce anxiety. Doing these by 5 steps first inhale air from your nose and then take in to your lungs and alveolai & than in to stomach. And keep air in your lungs up to you can able to manage it. Than exhale the air by slowly until your lungs and stomach  are completely  empty. Repeat these same for 5-10 times. It will reduce your anxiety & improve your thinking capacity and problem solving technique.

Adequate rest & sleep :

Adequate rest and sleep is important. Because of these your brain will function effectively. If  you are not sleep properly it will damage your mental health and physical health. So sleep at night times 6-7 hours per day is recommended for you.

Socialization :

Mingling with people is good for reduce anxiety. Because Oxycontin hormone is reduce anxiety. These hormone secretion is increasing by contact with people. So socialization is very important to reduce anxiety.

Familiar with environment :  

Knowing your surroundings is  good, always attach to your environment. Once in a weak clean your surroundings. What is present around you, be attach with your environment.

Accept present condition : 

Accepting present condition is good one. Accepting  that you are in anxiety state, it will alert you about situation and give an idea about how to over come from this situation. So accept that you are in anxiety. If try to manage  anxiety it will become worsen. So accept present present situation that you are anxious.

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