Best iOS Emulator For Windows – Run iOS Apps in Android Using iOS Emulator.

How To Use iOS Emulators For PC  :Hello everybody, Have you ever used apps in iPhone without paying. With the help of the iOS Emulators we can run iPhone apps in the mobiles. So before that we would discuss about  best iOS emulator and its features and how it works. Emulator For iOS is a types of electronic software that enables one computer to act as a different system called ‘guest’ and can run the software and apps of the guest system in it. Emulators are used for running new and latest apps and software’s. By using emulators we can run applications from specific OS or multiple OS, Android, Windows ,iOS & Mac etc.,.

Emulator means an mediator platform used to run all the android apps and iOS apps in other devices. Example we take Facetime and iMessage are the best iPhone apps and by this apps and lot more apps of iOS, iPhone has became a very huge and famous brand. Its expansive all like to have a iPhone all cant have it, But few may think to use the famous apps in their android. By using the iOS Emulator we run the iOS Apps in the android.

Top 2 iOS Emulators  For PC :

  1. iPadian Emulator.
  2. Air iPhone Emulator.

iOS Emulator For PC

1.iPadian iOS Emulator For PC:

iPadian Emulator is the best and popular Emulator. iPadian Emulator is present in two types of versions and in one version we can famous ios apps like Whatsapp and Snapchat apps for that version you should pay 10$ per every penny.And then in another version we can use Facetime,iMessage and other iOS Apps for free and this version is free.Better we prefer you to use paid version.By this you can use which iOS app you need.If you don’t like to invest money for this,go to free version.This version is best for windows 8.

Let’s view features of the iPadian emulator.before that lets have a look at some of its features.

Features OF iPadian Emulator For PC :

  • Acess to customised store app store in free version.
  • In premium version,you can use any app freely with App Store.
  • There is premium version too and it is totally ad free.
  • Free version of iPadian emulator gives you basic iOS Feel only.
  • Premium version gives you full feel like iPhone.(This version is available for 10$.).

ipadian emulator

How TO Use iPadian iOS Emulator in Computer :

To install iPadian Emulator,simply follow the below given steps.

  1. First download iPadian iOS Emulator For PC from below given link.
  2. Then give a Double click  on the installation file which you have downloaded.
  3. Then Follow screen options and click on the Next accordingly.
  4. Once,you have successfully installed iPadian iOS Emulator in your PC,you can follow further steps to run iOS apps in your windows computer.

Download iPadian iOS Emulator.

How To Run iOS Apps in Windows 10,8.1,8 & 7 :

After installing the iPadian iOS Emulator in your device.You will find iPadian icon on your screen.

  1. Double click on iPadian icon.
  2. Now interface,simply click on store.
  3. Then start downloading favorite apps from there and enjoy iOS emulator on PC.

iOS Apps :- Facetime , iMessage and iMovie For iPhone.

2.Air  iPhone Emulator For PC :

Another iOS Emulator is Air iPhone For PC one of the best ios emulator.By using this emulator you can run iOS apps on your windows computer and pc without any disturbance.

Download Air iPhone Emulator.

 Conclusion :

That’s it by this our tutorial come to end.If you have any trouble in downloading the iOS Emulator For PC.Please re-read the article once again you will find a way.Thank you support us through Facebook and social media.

Thank You.

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