Health Benefits of Papaya

We are eating So many fruits. Every fruit is having it’s own benefits and nutrient values. Some are good for heart, some are good for stomach and so. Here in this article we presenting Nutrient values and Health benefits of Papaya.To have  bowl of papaya every day has lot of health benefits. Papaya  having lot of nutrients in it, the nutrient  values of are as follows. It contains  vitamin-c & A , E. Papaya also have fol ate, fiber, pantothenic acid,magnesium, potassium,& copper , beta carotene, thepapaine & papaine, chymo papaine. If you take papaya daily it take care of your heart, skin, hair, stomach, blood, bones. It is easily available and cheapest fruit.

Health benefits of papaya :


why you need to take papaya every day, here we presenting some reasons for it.

protect heart :

Papaya is an excellent source of vitamin A & C.  And fiber it helps in  reduce the cholesterol level. The papain is helps in protect & prevent Heart diseases especially in diabetic patients.

Helps in ease from Menstrual pain :

When some one is suffering from menstrual pain, help them by giving a plate of papaya.  The Enzyme called papaine present in papaya helps in regulating and easing flow during menstrual pain. So it will helps in reduce menstrual pain.

Improve your immunity :

Vitamin C & A  improve your immunity,and control  allergies. Protect from cold & flu. And The nutrient values in papaya like papaine and thepapaine, chymo papaine helps in boost up your immunity.

Helps in digestion :

Papaya helps in smooth digestion, and prevent constipation. Papaya rich in vitamin-E & beta carotene, which helps in accumulation of  toxins in colon. So it helps in prevention of colon cancer. Papaya having fiber also, because of this reason it will  reduce the constipation.

protect your skin :

Papaya extract is used  in so many beauty products. Because the formatted  flesh in papaya is called thepapain. which helps in dissolve the dead skin cells and open the skin clogged pores. So your skin became free from dirt and it’s become glowing.

Reduce inflammatory Reaction :

Papaya rich in beta carotene, vitamin-A, which having anti inflammatory  effect. To reduce inflammatory  effect enzymes like papaine & chymo papaine is need. These two enzymes are present in papaya. So it has an  anti inflammatory effect as well as it will reduce the risk of occurrence of arthritis.

Reduce weight :

Papaya is low in calories, and high in nutritional values.  So it ‘s helps in reduce weight loss. It is a very good fruit for weight loss.

Excellent fruit for diabetics :

Papaya is having low in sugar content as well as low glycemic index. Its having 8.3 gm of sugar for one bowl of papaya. Because of these properties it’s became as an excellent fruit for diabetics. Vitamins & pyonutients present in papaya helps in prevent Heart diseases in diabetics.

Prevent stress :

Papaya is very good for reducing stress. If you work hard whole day, when you return to your home have a plate of papaya it’s having vitamin-c, It helps to reduce flow of  stress hormones. So your stress is going to reduce.

Helps in eye Health & hair growth : 

Vitamin-A present in papaya helps in improve eye health as well  hair growth also because it’s improves the production of sebum so hair will became shiny and smooth.

Nutrient values in papaya :

Vitamins     – A & C

Enzymes     – Papaina, Thepapaine, chymo papaine.

Acids           – Panthonic  acid

Minerals     – Potassium, Copper

And others  – Fiber & Beta carotiens.

Know you will know about papaya well &   it’s nutrient values and how it  will helps in protect from various  diseases.

So know enjoy papaya with out any doubt.

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