Best Whatsapp Messenger Trick And Tips-Best Whatsapp Profile Pics / DP Collection in 2016-You Must Know.

Whatsapp Trick And Tips :Hello Guys.How Are You? How is Your Day Going on.Here is one-more article waiting for you to read.It’s whatsapp Messenger Tips and  Tricks. I am here to explain briefly about the article. We all Know about whatsapp and it is very popular.It has millions of searches and reviews on Google Play Store.Almost everyone is on this chat application and most of the time active on it know.Earlier People were changing their Facebook profile Pics and Orkut wallpaper often,now Whatsapp Profile Picture has taken it’s place.

Actually Now-a-days Whatsapp has been developed a lot.The Reputation of whatsapp are developed lots of whatsapp tips and tricks on the online and also many more users are looking for Tips And Tricks to use it for their mobile devices and thrill their friends  and relatives.So our team thought something newly and we got it. It’s whatsapp Tips and Tricks. So here we are, there are many number of tricks and tips and apps to have more from whatsapp. So if you are interested in reading the Tricks and Tips of the Whatsapp to make fun on your lovely ones.And the Know Persons to you.

whatsapp for mac

  • Install Whats app Messenger on A Android Tablet :

Create a new account using an available phone number.

  1. For Temporarily change the Security settings to follow the android to install apps from UnKnow services.Go to setting and change it and check the box to allow installation of applications from both trusted sources and Unknow sources  other than the Play Sore, Keep it for a while.
  2. Download Whatsapp APK File.By Clicking on the below Link.Download Whatsapp APK File.
  3. Install the file.Then Whatsapp Will ask your Phone Number For Verification Process.
  4. Enter your Phone Number with your complete country code and soon you will receive the SMS its verification SMS with an activation Code.
  5. Over Whatsapp is now activated on your tablet with the Phone Number you typed for verification Process.

Note : If the Number you Entered is registered from any other mobile device it will stop working.

  • Restore And Backup Whatsapp chats :

Whatsapp Makes Automatic Backups of your chats on your device, But if you like to do it on your own you can also make a manual backup.on your android just go to whatsapp settings->Chat Settings -> Chat Backup to create a backup.

On the IOS / PC devices, it’s settings>>Chat Settings>>Chat Backup,then Tap Backup on it now.Then it will not backup your media,So you will Need to use a file Messenger to copy it into SD Card/ Whatsapp /Media.

There is no way to restore Chats Directly from Whatsapp,So if you want to restore a backup you have to reinstall and uninstall Whatsapp. When you reinstall whatsapp all the Chats would be cleared and you would be prompted to restore your most recent chats / backup.So just follow the procedure and your Chats would be back.

  • Change The Phone Number OF Your Whatsapp :

If you lost your sim card are not interested in having the present number to your  Whatsapp Account .And having the same phone which you have before and interested to change the number don’t worry to change the number no need to uninstall the app and install the Whatsapp again.There is a setting for it to change the number.That will migrate your Whatsapp account to a different Phone Number.

Go to setting -> Account ->Change Phone Number.Enter your Old Phone Number on the top field and the new Phone Number on the bottom.Then Click on the Done.Then verification will start and a SMS Code will be came to your phone number and then see it and type it on the whatsapp settings.That’s it and all your chat history,groups will be migrated to the new number.

  • Group Chat Mute :

We all have lots of friends and we are interested in chating with then at a time.So for this sace group chats has been created because someone was bored.People tend to get over zealous in chats,so by group you can send one message to over 50 participants.Who hasn’t worken up to the horror of 100+Unread Messages fulled by a night of boredom.

How : To Save Yourself From being woken up by the constant Lighting Up of Mobile Devices Screen.

  1. You can either flip your phone over and ignore it.
  2. Mute the oftening group chats.
  3. Tap on the Group Chat of your choice,then the hame to bring up group information where you will find the option to mute the chat for Eight hours OR A Weak OR A Year.whatsapp for ios
  • Know Where Are your Friends are Exactly at Right Position Now True OR Flase :

We all know that all  people would tell few they are out of city but they would be in the city that time they may lie and to surprise you they may lie.For that sace their is a Trick to find their location. We’ve all been a victim of that “ON THE WAY“lie when the person is Question is Still in the bed.To Prevent yourself from ever getting duped again,insist that the contact shares their location with you by tapping on the arrow icon next to the TextBox and then share location.There’s also a way of preventing them from manually entering their location.

The way to know the location appears is a clue.It’s a real GPS-based location,the location share will appear as a dropped pin, but its a location they entered,its address will appear beside the dropped pin.Feel free to Make call to them out on it.

  • Change Your Friends Profile Picture :

You change your friends Whatsapp Profile Pic into Your Whasapp by using a new incredible tip to prank your pals.The tip/trick is given below.

  1. Choose a Profile Pic of your friend and use the Google Image Look.For the Image to look Cute.
  2. Resize the image to 561 *561 Pixels by Paint OR Photoshop in addition to name it with all of your’s friends mobile numbers.
  3. Save the Image towards SD Card>> Greeting Card Whatsapp>>Profile Pics.
  4. Now disable Wi-Fi Connections and data connection.If you don’t update whatsapp it will update automatically the picture.
  5. Now people show your buddy the pic ones profile whatsapp instant panic invite the women’s Face.

Note : It is not a hack,but it is a simply trick to change your friends profile picture only with your device.This for fun goal only.

Thats All Guys by this our article comes to the end.If you don’t understand still don’t worry.Please Re-Read the article ones again you will understand the article. OK Buy,Thank You.Your’s Tech App Zone Members.

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