5 Best Anti Virus For i phone in 2016-Anti Virus For i Pad.

Hai Guys! How are you,how was your day going on? Today’s world’s internet is emerging with rocket speed.And all ore looking for the security of their Mobile Devices and Windows.The two major giants of Smart Phones,It’s IOS and Android have been fighting since long time.And the most powerful argument held by IOS users deals with the security.One thing has to be agreed upon the fact that is IOS does have an upper hand in the terms of the Security.But this doesn’t make the IOS users completely safe from the Malicious Attacks on their i Phone Devices.Thus,the importance of having Antivirus For i Phone in 2016 can’t be neglected,and for i Phone in 2016 which would Protect your i phone from virus.So for this sace we have made a detailed research and got the most prefect and effective best anti virus for i Phone in 2016.

Security is one of the most important features one needs to look upon.Your entire Applications,Pictures and the system can go haywire,that time if you don’t backup your files or maintain a security check all the files would be Erased. Many times all of us found the hunt best antivirus soft ware the guard down.So ,then Now-a-days lots of the security apps are interested and updated a lot.It gives a lot of Protection to choose from.Then lets see how many apps are out there to protect your system from virus.

OK,Then here are some of the chosen Best Anti Virus apps available for Android And Windows.

They Are :

  1. CM Security-A Best Virus Protector,
  2. Avira Anti Virus Security(Google Play),
  3. 360 Security,
  4. Kaspersky Internet Security : Best Anti Phishing Protection,
  5. Avast Secure Me,Etc,.

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1.CM Security-A Best Virus Protector :

CM Security is a best and good virus protecting app.It is an award winning security app and option.It provides some of the best anti virus protection/Malware protection on android.

It is made by cheetah mobiles,its a research company that produces credible reports on the state of the Android Platform with regard to all things scam,and its dedicated app.It is fast and comprehensive.

Anti Virus For PC

2. Avira Antivirus Security (Google Play Store) :

Avira is a Mobile Security and IOS/Windows 10,8.1,8,7 & MAC Computer Security is an ideal tool to have an anti virus for i Phone in 2016 to ensure complete security.It keeps a track of your E-mails to make sure that their privacy has not been compromised.Check so here comes an application called Avira through which locating the device is easier,.Avira Anti Virus Security will hits the glitches Swiftly.It serves you free and support your android device all the time.

Anti Virus For IOS

3. 360 Security (Download In Google Play) :

In the age of Smart Phones,we can not put enough security check because viruses are more stronger and we can never judge from where a glitch may occur to tarnish the entire system.So for that sace,there is an Amazing Anti Virus Protecting App.It’s 360 Security.Actually 360 Security (Formerly Known As Qihoo) is a long-Standing and popular Android Anti Virus App with all the bells and whistles required to protect your phone. Naturally,it has an anti virus engine,which automatically scans your files and update its definitions.

Each installation,wheather from the Google Play Store or beyond,Has to pass through the 360 real-time protection before it can end up on your phone.On top of that,360 is a system cleaner that cleans out jun files,Frees up to the RAM and has some neat power-saving features also.It’s about the 360 Security.Anti virus for android

4. Kaspersky Internet Security : Best Anti Virus Phishing Protection :

The PC Version of the Kaspersky is regularly showered with accolades and then often voted the best internet security suite you can get.The Free Mobile Version Offers all the standard Anti-Malware Protection you do not Expect,as well as a whole host of the Anti-Theft Features.

Upgrade to the premium Version (US $14.95 For One Year) and the ANTI Phishing  Protection.For your Messaging and Protection,and Privacy Protection when You are Surf the Web.

Anti Virus For i Phone

5.Avast Secure ME :

Avast is big brand name in the arena of antivirus.The avast secure me application is focused on keeping the track on your presence.It is possible to perform automatic scans of your installed apps,the contents of your memory card as well as apps that you are about to install.In case of-Theft there- are GPS Tracking,Siren alert,and also Remote Lock and Wipe Options and even a notification if someone attempts to Switch out Sim Cards.Other Features Include A fire wall,Web Shield and network Meter.

anti virus for i pad

Conclusion :

That’s All Guys,By this our Article comes To End.I Hope all understood about this article and enjoy using the apps of Security to your i Phones and i Pad, Android.If you still have any  problem in using it.Please Re-Read the article once again.And then,Don’t Forget to comment us in Facebook.Thank You,Your’s Tech App Zone Members.

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