Best Android Widgets In 2016-Top 6 Android Widgets For The Smart Phones.

Best Android Widgets 2016 : Hai Guys,How was your day going no today?I think its boring with your old android versions and widgets in 2016.Ever since android has started powering the smartphones,Form that time widgets has played an lead role of companion one couldn’t do without.Widgets has helped lot in every aspect by improving its performance or person alizing the home screen.Widgets don’t garner the huge draw that they once did.Then a lots of people are still using widgets and they can be an important part of any phone home screen set up.With the help of home screen widgets,you can have all sorts of useful shortcuts and information at your fingertips.They’re best used in moderation-too many will make it difficult to locate the one you are looking for-but choose wisely and you’ll wisely able to get what you want quickly and efficiently.Some Widgets will show the time or weather,while others will show calendar appointments,battery information or let you raise a digital pet.

Keep it in mind that widgets can be a little more of a battery drain than not using a widget,but in most cases they are extremely useful and well worth the trade-off.

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The Top 6 best Android Widgets of Smart Phones :

They Are :

  1. HD Widgets,
  2. Best Weather Widget : Transparent Clock & Weather,
  3. Battery Widget Reborn,
  4. Power Toggles,
  5. Google Keep : An Best Note-Keeping Widget,
  6. Zooper Widget.

This are the Top 6 Android Widgets of the Smart Phones.Below they are its Features.

6 Best Android Widgets of Android Devices :

1. HD Widgets :



HD Widgets are some of the most configurable information widgets in the Google Play Store.They have a lot of different sizes,With some of the large sized ones being 6*2,So they fill up the width of a 7 inch Android Tablet Pretty Well.Within the Different Sizes are different set configurations:some of the sizes allow for the colours and style do be changed.

2.Best Weather Widget : Transparent Clock & Weather :widgets for android

Best Weather Widget is Fantastic weather widget,Not only will you like to look of it.Then here its.,

Actually we’ve discussed the Transparent Clock & Weather Widget before,in our best Weather apps and widgets list,but it remains our favorite weather widget OR rather,the collection of widgets.

Although the intuitive weather in formation is useful,Transparent Clock & Weather is much more than just a weather app.It  houses a number of different widgets,Which even display internal system of information such as remaining micro SD Card Storage Space and Wi-Fi Status.

If you use only its weather features,its still a top choice-its one of the best looking and must approachable weather widgets.

3.Battery Widget Reborn :

Android widget for smarphones

Battery Widget Reborn,Having a Hot-Looking battery widget will add to the aesthetics of your home screen rather than detracting from it.Depending on the location available on your home screen,you can see a lot of information such as usage and battery health.It is customizable in a number of ways that allows for a bunch of shapes and colours. This means it will go well with almost any Theme and it’s not overly expensive at $ 1.99 For the pro-version.

4.Power Toggles :


Power Toggles is a home screen widget which avails you with features to control most of the function from the settings with just one touch.The Best part here is that you get all the frequently used controls on your home screen which reduces the time to access.Controls like Wi-Fi,Profile,Mobile Data, Bluetooth,GPS,Etc,. Can be taken charge of right from your home screen.More over,there are around 40 such toggles & the app is available for free.Get it from the below given Link.

Download Power Toggles from Google Play.

5.Google Keep : An Best Note-Keeping Widget :

smartphones widgets

Developed By Google,Google Keep is one of the most productive widget which you could have on your android Device.Where Then would you be without the Google keep Widget ? How often do we forget things we should remember? I Forgot Things all the time.Where was I Forget.Anyway.

The Google Keep Widget Helps you ditch the Post-Its  and fridge magnets by turning your home screen into a virtual Pin board for your thoughts.

Write a Note,Record a voice message,take a photo of something,The keep widget will store all of there things and present them to you in a scroll-able,Chronological list later.Google Keep can also assign reminders to these items,and send your notifications about them.There are more intricate and feature-Heavy Note-taking apps available,but Google Keep is the Cleanest.An add on advantage is that you get to synchronize the widget with your google account & access the data on other devices as well.

6. Zooper Widget :widgets android

Last and certainly not a least is Zooper Widget.Much like UCCW,Zooper Widget allows you to create your own custom widgets. Unlike UCCW,Zooper is a bit more published of an effort and you can create some truly amazing stuff with this app.Our Own Jonathan Feist has a whole  series dedicated to making awesome Zooper Widgets.To get everything it’ll cost you $2.49 but you can use the free version to try it first.

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